Body Language (2011)Director : Jeffrey Elmont

Release Date :

Genre : Drama, Music

Cast : , Floris Bosveld as Brian, Lorenzo van Velzen Bottazzi as Samuel, Chandler Bullock as (voice), Luciano Hiwat as Bobby, Ingrid Jansen as Nina, Sigourney Korper as Tara, Boris Schreurs as Ray, Ruben Solognier as Quincy

Plot : An hour sooner than the five finest Dutch dance crews soar to a tourney inside New York, the subsidized jaunt is cancelled… See more » |

Run Time :

Country : Netherlands


Language : Dutch | English

Filming Locations : Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Company : Launch Works

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Plot Summary : An hour prior to the five finest Dutch dance crews dash to a game inside New York, the subsidized spark off is cancelled. Five dancers enjoys entirely variegated crews don't yearn to concede defeat their unengaged plane permit as anyhow as go away anyway. In New York they grasp anything they've done. They go through no money, no financial financial statement as anyhow as no crew. But… They happened to dance hence there is just lone craze to do. Together they craft one more crew as anyhow as do all they may well to get here the game they happened for. In the imply time… they ought to live on two weeks inside New York without any cash.