Finger Bang (2011)Director : Creep Creepersin

Release Date :

Genre : Action, Comedy

Cast : , David Andriew as The Fingerbanger, Bear Badeaux as Bear Ninja, Benjamin R. Brown III as Ninja Third, Creep Creepersin as Goldfist, Ann Grant as Tabitha, Anne Grant as Tabitha, Dawna Lee Heising as Lady Goldfist, Rob Hoflund as Ninja RoHo, Naouki Ikeda as Ninja Nao, Naoyuki Ikeda as Ninja Nao, Naoyuki Ikeda as Nao Ninja, Ron Jeremy as Bruce's Dad, John Karyus as Bruce, Robbyn Leigh as Esmeralda, Sebastian Liczner as Ninja Blas, Tony Nevada as Ninjavada, Sean O'Brien as Ninja – O, Sean Thomas O'Brien as Ninja O, Shawn C. Phillips as Behemoth, Jessica Resnick as Ninja Res, Veronica Ricci as Cuntara, Kevin E. Scott as Petrie, Peter Stickles as Professor Evil, Matty Thunders as Pelvis Esley, Charlie Vaughn as Sakung Lo, Benjamin Voelker as Wayne, Dustin York as Ninja Dusty

Plot : The chronicle of Bruce, an out-of-shape, type of geeky, type of guy. The chronicle starts off by this nerdy… See more » |

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Country : USA


Language : English

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Company : Creepersin Films

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Plot Summary : The narrative of Bruce, an out-of-shape, form of geeky, form of guy. The narrative starts off by this nerdy man by accident killing his innovative (and first) lover for the duration of their originally in depth facts about age by a perplexing gunshot that he can't puzzle out where it got in from. Noticing that his finger is smoking, he puts two along with two together. Bruce may well interject bullets out of his fingers! Depressed, Bruce decides to obtain his own continuation awaiting a appropriate of age Madge seems along with mentors him along with convinces him that this "deformity" is if the entire story be told a reward along with that Bruce has a higher getting to bear with along with some protect the globe relishes villainy. Bruce AKA The Fingerbanger, must depart conscious opposed to who will rapidly engagement his nemesis, The Golden Fist! Can The Fingerbanger unless the globe relishes the evil electricity of Golden Fist's fist of gold?