"Lost Girl" (2010)Director :

Release Date :

Genre : Fantasy, Crime

Cast : (Series Cast Summary – 6 of 16) , Anna Silk as Bo (35 episodes, 2010-2012), Kris Holden-Ried as Dyson (35 episodes, 2010-2012), Richard Howland as Trick (35 episodes, 2010-2012), Ksenia Solo as Kenzi (34 episodes, 2010-2012), Zoie Palmer as Lauren (30 episodes, 2010-2012), K.C. Collins as Detective Hale (15 episodes, 2010-2011)

Plot : Lost Girl focuses on the cute along with charismatic Bo, a miraculous individual spoke to a succubus who feeds on the liveliness of humans… See more »

Run Time : Canada:60 min (including commercials)

Country : Canada


Language : English

Filming Locations : Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Company : Prodigy Pictures

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Plot Summary : Lost Girl focuses on the charming as nonetheless as charismatic Bo, a delightful someone talked to a succubus who feeds on the vigor of humans, now and then along furthermore terminal results. Refusing to grip her delightful extended family street as nonetheless as its hard hierarchy, Bo is a rebellious who gets rid of wide awake the battle given that the underdog spilt second inquiring given that the the absolute story as questions to her own baffling origins.