"Malcolm in the Middle" (2000)Director :

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy

Cast : (Series Cast Summary – 6 of 139) , Bryan Cranston as Hal (151 episodes, 2000-2006), Justin Berfield as Reese (151 episodes, 2000-2006), Erik Per Sullivan as Dewey (151 episodes, 2000-2006), Frankie Muniz as Malcolm (151 episodes, 2000-2006), Jane Kaczmarek as Lois (150 episodes, 2000-2006), Christopher Masterson as Francis (150 episodes, 2000-2006) (more) Series Directed byTodd Holland (26 episodes, 2000-2004)Jeff Melman (21 episodes, 2000-2003)Ken Kwapis (19 episodes, 2000-2004)David D'Ovidio (12 episodes, 2003-2006)Peter Lauer (12 episodes, 2004-2006)Levie Isaacks (9 episodes, 2002-2004)Steve Welch (9 episodes, 2003-2006)Steve Love (8 episodes, 2003-2006)Bryan Cranston (7 episodes, 2003-2005)James Simons (6 episodes, 2001-2005)Linwood Boomer (5 episodes, 2005-2006)David Grossman (4 episodes, 2004-2005)Arlene Sanford (3 episodes, 2000-2001)Jamie Babbit (3 episodes, 2002-2003)Alex Reid (2 episodes, 2005-2006) Series Writing creditsLinwood Boomer (151 episodes, 2000-2006)Michael Glouberman (22 episodes, 2000-2006)Gary Murphy (16 episodes, 2000-2006)Alex Reid (15 episodes, 2000-2005)Andy Bobrow (15 episodes, 2003-2006)Andrew Orenstein (14 episodes, 2000-2004)Maggie Bandur (13 episodes, 2000-2004)Dan Kopelman (13 episodes, 2000-2004)Neil Thompson (12 episodes, 2000-2005)Alan J. Higgins (9 episodes, 2000-2006)Pang-Ni Landrum (9 episodes, 2000-2002)Rob Ulin (9 episodes, 2004-2006)Matthew Carlson (8 episodes, 2002-2005)Michael Borkow (6 episodes, 2002-2003)Eric Kaplan (6 episodes, 2004-2006)Ian Busch (5 episodes, 2000-2002)Nahnatchka Khan (4 episodes, 2002-2003)Bob Stevens (3 episodes, 2000-2001)David Richardson (3 episodes, 2000)Jay Kogen (3 episodes, 2005-2006)Dan Danko (2 episodes, 2001-2002)Tom Mason (2 episodes, 2001-2002)Janae Bakken (2 episodes, 2002)Rob Hanning (2 episodes, 2003)David Wright (2 episodes, 2004-2006)Series Produced byMichael Glouberman as. co-executive producer / supervising producer (150 episodes, 2000-2006)James Simons as. producer (150 episodes, 2000-2006)Don Voorhies as. co-producer / associate producer (144 episodes, 2000-2006)Alex Reid as. co-executive producer / producer / as (138 episodes, 2000-2006)Gary Murphy as. co-executive producer (134 episodes, 2000-2006)Neil Thompson as. co-executive producer / consulting producer (134 episodes, 2000-2006)Linwood Boomer as. executive producer (129 episodes, 2000-2005)Andrew Orenstein as. co-executive producer / supervising producer (106 episodes, 2000-2004)Matthew Carlson as. co-executive producer / executive producer (81 episodes, 2002-2006)Eric Kaplan as. co-executive producer / supervising producer (66 episodes, 2003-2006)Rob Ulin as. co-executive producer (66 episodes, 2003-2006)Alan J. Higgins as. co-executive producer (62 episodes, 2000-2002)Janice Carr as. co-producer / associate producer (59 episodes, 2002-2006)Dan Kopelman as. producer / supervising producer / as (53 episodes, 2002-2005)Maggie Bandur as. producer / supervising producer / as (53 episodes, 2002-2004)Bob Stevens as. co-executive producer (50 episodes, 2000-2002)Michael Borkow as. co-executive producer (44 episodes, 2001-2003)Jay Kogen as. co-executive producer / consulting producer (44 episodes, 2004-2006)Todd Holland as. co-executive producer / supervising producer (35 episodes, 2000-2003)Rob Hanning as. co-executive producer (22 episodes, 2002-2003)Jennifer Celotta as. supervising producer / co-executive producer (22 episodes, 2004-2005)David Sacks as. consulting producer (22 episodes, 2004-2005)Steve Welch as. supervising producer (22 episodes, 2005-2006)Jeff Melman as. producer (19 episodes, 2000-2003)Ken Kwapis as. producer (17 episodes, 2000-2004)David Richardson as. co-executive producer (12 episodes, 2000)Pang-Ni Landrum as. co-producer (9 episodes, 2002)Bob Kushell as. consulting producer (7 episodes, 2003)Peter Lauer as. producer (5 episodes, 2005-2006)Alex Gutenmakher as. associate producer (3 episodes, 2005) Series Original Music byCharles Sydnor (110 episodes, 2001-2006)They Might Be Giants (36 episodes, 2000-2001) Series Cinematography byLevie Isaacks (101 episodes, 2000-2004)Michael Weaver (52 episodes, 2002-2006) Series Film Editing bySteve Welch (37 episodes, 2000-2005)Brian Merken (17 episodes, 2003-2006)Barry L. Gold (10 episodes, 2000-2001)Alan Baumgarten (5 episodes, 2000)Eric Jenkins (5 episodes, 2000) Series Casting byNikki Valko (54 episodes, 2000-2004)Ken Miller (53 episodes, 2000-2004)Mary V. Buck (11 episodes, 2000-2004)Susan Edelman (11 episodes, 2000-2004)Barbie Block (3 episodes, 2005)Sally Stiner (3 episodes, 2005) Series Production Design byDonald Lee Harris (56 episodes, 2000-2005) Series Art Direction byMichael Budge (22 episodes, 2005-2006)Daniel Maltese (2 episodes, 2005) Series Set Decoration byKristin Peterson (50 episodes, 2000-2005)Donald Elmblad (12 episodes, 2000) Series Costume Design byHeidi Kaczenski (56 episodes, 2000-2005) Series Makeup DepartmentJill Cady as. makeup department head / key makeup artist (147 episodes, 2000-2006)Judy Yonemoto as. key makeup artist (111 episodes, 2000-2006)Tammy Kusian as. key hair stylist (53 episodes, 2000-2004)Nanci Cascio as. hair department head / hair colourist / as (28 episodes, 2005-2006)Laverne Caracuzzi as. makeup artist (22 episodes, 2001-2002)Dionne Smith as. makeup artist (5 episodes, 2002)Jill Crosby as. key hair stylist (2 episodes, 2005)Andy Clement as. special makeup effects artist (unknown episodes)Tammy Kajian as. key hair stylist (unknown episodes)Mike Smithson as. makeup artist (unknown episodes) Series Production ManagementWes Irwin as. post-production manager (66 episodes, 2003-2006)Malik Redman as. post-production supervisor (59 episodes, 2004-2006)James Simons as. unit production manager (56 episodes, 2000-2005)Janice Carr as. production supervisor (37 episodes, 2000-2002)Alex Gutenmakher as. post-production supervisor (18 episodes, 2002-2005)Thomas Whelan as. production manager (unknown episodes) Series Second Unit Director or Assistant DirectorMatt Marshall as. second assistant director / first assistant director (38 episodes, 2000-2005)David D'Ovidio as. first assistant director (28 episodes, 2000-2004)Cynthia A. Potthast as. first assistant director / second assistant director (24 episodes, 2000-2001)Steve Love as. first assistant director (11 episodes, 2000-2005)Vernon Davidson as. dga trainee (9 episodes, 2002-2003)Molly Rodriguez as. second assistant director (4 episodes, 2003-2004)Bob King as. second assistant director (3 episodes, 2003)David Kelley as. second assistant director (3 episodes, 2005)Robyn Linn Willey as. dga trainee (2 episodes, 2001)John Isabeau as. second assistant director (2 episodes, 2004-2005)Cecilia Sweatman as. dga trainee (unknown episodes, 2001)Brendalyn Richard as. dga trainee (unknown episodes, 2002)Anya Adams as. dga trainee (unknown episodes)Jeffrey Hunt as. dga trainee (unknown episodes)Karen Reinhart as. additional second assistant director (unknown episodes)Carrie Specht as. trainee assistant director (unknown episodes) Series Art DepartmentSheri Watson as. set decoration buyer (117 episodes, 2000-2006)Jim C. Johnson as. set dresser gangboss (116 episodes, 2000-2006)Chris Santini as. general foreman (114 episodes, 2000-2006)Brian J. McNamara as. electronic graphics (88 episodes, 2002-2006)Brett V. Shirley as. set dresser (88 episodes, 2002-2006)Doug Anderson as. lead plaster foreman (61 episodes, 2000-2004)Ray Jeffers as. property master (55 episodes, 2000-2005)Anthony Lattanzio as. construction coordinator (55 episodes, 2000-2005)Gary A. Lee as. assistant art director (43 episodes, 2000-2004)Julie Heuer as. assistant property master (40 episodes, 2001-2003)Kevin Shaw as. assistant property master (22 episodes, 2003-2004)Stephen Myles Berger as. set designer (16 episodes, 2002-2004)Dorn Merrill Kennison as. set designer / general foreman (15 episodes, 2000-2001)Beala Neel as. assistant art director (11 episodes, 2000)John Leimanis as. set designer (9 episodes, 2001)Jared Scardina as. assistant property master (9 episodes, 2005)Lorne Grant as. assistant property master (5 episodes, 2000)Michael Buha as. set dresser (3 episodes, 2005)Jason Lynch as. set designer (3 episodes, 2005)Mike Sforza as. construction coordinator (2 episodes, 2000)Charles Vassar as. set designer (2 episodes, 2002)Jarid Boyce as. storyboard artist (unknown episodes)David Coleman as. assistant property master (unknown episodes)Matthew Ferreira as. set dresser (unknown episodes)Eric Knight as. set painter (unknown episodes)Emily Lawless as. painter (unknown episodes)John Risso as. paint gang boss (unknown episodes)Cole Taylor as. construction gang-boss (unknown episodes) Series Sound DepartmentKevin B. Barron as. assistant sound editor (151 episodes, 2000-2006)Casey J. Crabtree as. foley artist (151 episodes, 2000-2006)Michael Crabtree as. foley artist (151 episodes, 2000-2006)Todd Grace as. sound re-recording mixer / re-recording mixer (151 episodes, 2000-2006)Troy Porter as. adr mixer (151 episodes, 2000-2006)Deron Street as. assistant sound editor (151 episodes, 2000-2006)Ken Segal as. production sound mixer / sound mixer (150 episodes, 2000-2006)Michael E. Lawshe as. supervising sound editor / sound supervisor (134 episodes, 2000-2006)Andrew Adams as. boom operator (126 episodes, 2000-2006)Al Gomez as. sound mixer (114 episodes, 2001-2006)Karyn Foster as. dialogue/adr supervisor / sound supervisor (113 episodes, 2000-2005)Kamal Humphrey as. utility sound technician (67 episodes, 2000-2003)Charles Hamilton as. sound recordist (66 episodes, 2001-2006)Peter Hansen as. second boom operator (66 episodes, 2003-2006)Richard Partlow as. foley artist (19 episodes, 2000-2003)Rudy Pi as. sound re-recording mixer (17 episodes, 2002-2005)Jessica Goodwin as. dialogue editor (13 episodes, 2000-2006)James Bailey as. foley artist (8 episodes, 2000)Liz Sroka as. sound re-recording mixer (2 episodes, 2002)Gabrielle Gilbert Reeves as. dialogue editor (2 episodes, 2004-2005)Gregg Barbanell as. foley artist (unknown episodes)Paul J. Diller as. sound editor (unknown episodes)Eric Gotthelf as. adr mixer (unknown episodes)Eric Justen as. sound re-recording mixer (unknown episodes)David Lynch as. sound effects editor (unknown episodes)Brian Robinson as. boom operator (unknown episodes)Otis Van Osten as. sound effects editor (unknown episodes)Bryan O. Watkins as. adr mixer (unknown episodes)Lisa K. Wolf as. sound editor (unknown episodes)Kenneth Young as. sound effects editor (unknown episodes) Series Special Effects byRichard Albain as. special effects coordinator (37 episodes, 2000-2003)Ron Nary as. special effects coordinator (29 episodes, 2001-2005)Brian Bero as. special mechanical effects (unknown episodes, 2001)Ian O'Connor as. special effects (unknown episodes) Series Visual Effects byRobert McInnis as. visual effects executive producer: Modern VideoFilm (83 episodes, 2000-2003)David Carriker as. visual effects supervisor (15 episodes, 2002-2004)Shelly Dutcher as. visual effects (13 episodes, 2000)Roger Ames Berger as. visual effects supervisor (10 episodes, 2000-2002)Jenny Foster as. visual effects coordinator (10 episodes, 2005-2006)Kevin R. Browne as. digital artist (6 episodes, 2005-2006)Henrik Fett as. visual effects supervisor (unknown episodes, 2004)Thomas Tannenberger as. digital compositor (unknown episodes, 2005)Adam Avitabile as. visual effects supervisor (unknown episodes)Chad Buehler as. digital compositor (unknown episodes)Michael Carter as. digital artist (unknown episodes)Rick Cortes as. visual effects (unknown episodes)John Cummins as. visual effects (unknown episodes)Marlan Harris as. visual effects (unknown episodes)Danny S. Kim as. creative director (unknown episodes)Christian Severin as. visual effects (unknown episodes)Tefft Smith as. digital artist (unknown episodes)Jeff West as. visual effects (unknown episodes)Jennifer Yu as. digital artist (unknown episodes) Series StuntsBobby Porter as. stunt coordinator (138 episodes, 2000-2006)Jayson Dumenigo as. stunts (35 episodes, 2000-2005)Shawn Crowder as. stunt double / stunts (7 episodes, 2000-2002)Mark Munoz as. stunts (7 episodes, 2000)Larry Nicholas as. utility stunts (6 episodes, 2000-2004)Josh Ryan as. stunt double (6 episodes, 2005-2006)Keii Johnston as. stunt double / stunts (3 episodes, 2000-2001)Freddy Bouciegues as. stunts (3 episodes, 2003-2004)Bruce Paul Barbour as. stunt player (2 episodes, 2000-2002)David LeBell as. stunt double / stunts (2 episodes, 2000-2002)Brian Avery as. stunts (2 episodes, 2000)Karin Silvestri as. stunt double / stunt double: Jane Kaczmarek / as (2 episodes, 2001-2005)Andrei Runtso as. stunt double (2 episodes, 2002)Cord Walker as. stunt double: Sandy Ward / stunts (2 episodes, 2002)Stacey Carino as. stunts (2 episodes, 2005)Brian Searle as. stunts (2 episodes, 2005)Julie Adair as. stunt double: Christina Ricci (unknown episodes)Lesley Aletter as. utility stunts (unknown episodes)Randall Archer as. stunts (unknown episodes)Joey Box as. stunts (unknown episodes)Marla Casey as. stunts (unknown episodes)Laura Dash as. stunts (unknown episodes)Debbie Evans as. driving and motorcycle stunts (unknown episodes)Jeremy Fry as. stunt double (unknown episodes)Kevin L. Jackson as. stunt double / stunt performer (unknown episodes)Claudette James as. stunt double: Blair Wingo (unknown episodes)Gene LeBell as. stunts (unknown episodes)Wendy E. Matousek as. stunts (unknown episodes)Karine Mauffrey as. stunts (unknown episodes)Christopher V. Nelson as. stunts (unknown episodes)Tarah Paige as. stunt contortionist (unknown episodes)Denney Pierce as. stunts (unknown episodes)Tony Snegoff as. stunts (unknown episodes)Gary J. Wayton as. stunt performer (unknown episodes) Series Camera and Electrical DepartmentChristopher Haifley as. first assistant camera (141 episodes, 2000-2006)Leo Santos as. best boy grip (141 episodes, 2000-2006)Michael Goldman as. technician: grip/crane (139 episodes, 2000-2006)Jason C. Fitzgerald as. assistant chief lighting technician / chief lighting technician (136 episodes, 2000-2006)Tommy 'Hooper' Flanagan as. grip (129 episodes, 2000-2006)Josh Gundling as. second assistant camera (129 episodes, 2000-2006)Rick Davidson as. Steadicam operator / camera operator: "a" camera / as (104 episodes, 2000-2004)Vince Rodriguez as. dolly grip (95 episodes, 2000-2004)Jason 'Jake' Cross as. key grip (54 episodes, 2000-2005)Matthew Livingston as. dolly grip (50 episodes, 2003-2006)Jeff Graham as. first assistant camera (45 episodes, 2000-2002)Tim Bellen as. camera operator: "a" camera (45 episodes, 2004-2006)Arthur Scipio Africano as. camera operator: "b" camera (42 episodes, 2004-2006)Michael Weaver as. chief lighting technician (35 episodes, 2000-2004)Miguel Benavides as. grip (23 episodes, 2000-2001)Al Bruce as. grip (23 episodes, 2001-2002)Andrew Towne as. set lighting technician (22 episodes, 2003-2004)James D. Wickman as. dolly grip (14 episodes, 2004-2005)David Hayball as. chief lighting technician (11 episodes, 2000)Larry Sushinski as. assistant chief lighting technician (11 episodes, 2000)Tammy Fouts as. first assistant camera / first assistant camera: "a" camera (10 episodes, 2000)John Kairis as. camera operator (10 episodes, 2003-2004)Gary D. Scott as. first assistant camera: "a" camera/Steadicam (7 episodes, 2004)Ross Dunkerley as. chief lighting technician (5 episodes, 2003-2005)Mitch Gulbin as. b dolly grip / rigging grip / as (5 episodes, 2004-2005)Keith A. Hascher as. electrician (4 episodes, 2005)David Gasperik as. camera operator: "b" camera (3 episodes, 2004)George Halverson as. key grip (2 episodes, 2000)Stephen B. Abrams as. best boy grip (unknown episodes)Keith Batchelor as. dimmer board operator (unknown episodes)Bonnie S. Blake as. camera operator (unknown episodes)Kevin T. Caffrey as. best boy electric (unknown episodes)Ron Eisenberg as. still photographer (unknown episodes)Samuel Buddy Fries as. additional camera operator (unknown episodes)Sean Higgins as. dimmer board operator (unknown episodes)James Irons as. grip (unknown episodes)Roger Meilink as. rigging electrician (unknown episodes)Jon Myers as. additional camera operator / jib operator (unknown episodes)Scott Romsos as. electrician (unknown episodes)Don Spiro as. set lighting technician (unknown episodes)Ken Sylvester as. electrician (unknown episodes)Kenneth Sylvester as. electrician (unknown episodes)Jaimie Trueblood as. still photographer (unknown episodes)Larry Watson as. still photographer (unknown episodes) Series Casting DepartmentMary V. Buck as. original casting (46 episodes, 2000-2005)Susan Edelman as. original casting (46 episodes, 2000-2005)Gina Palumbo as. casting associate (16 episodes, 2002-2004)Kathy Kaplan as. casting assistant (unknown episodes)Summer Wesson as. extras casting (unknown episodes) Series Costume and Wardrobe DepartmentSydney Conrad Shapiro as. costume supervisor (151 episodes, 2000-2006)Donna Beltran as. set costumer (25 episodes, 2000)Mike Lutz as. set costumer (unknown episodes) Series Editorial DepartmentMalik Redman as. post-production coordinator / post-production assistant / as (113 episodes, 2000-2005)Jessica Rubin as. assistant editor / apprentice editor (66 episodes, 2003-2006)Chad Cole as. on-line editor (59 episodes, 2002-2006)David C. Crosthwait as. on-line editor (42 episodes, 2000-2005)Shaley Brooks as. colorist (42 episodes, 2004-2006)Alex Gutenmakher as. post-production coordinator (35 episodes, 2000-2001)Brian Merken as. assistant editor (17 episodes, 2001-2005)George Carlston as. colorist: dailies / dailies colorist (15 episodes, 2000)J.J. Rogers as. assistant editor (13 episodes, 2000-2001)Kerry Michael Tym as. assistant editor (11 episodes, 2000-2002)Doug Hovey as. post-production assistant (11 episodes, 2004-2005)Kristine McPherson as. assistant editor (7 episodes, 2000)Matthew John Smith as. post-production assistant (5 episodes, 2003-2004)Thomas M. Bolger as. assistant editor (4 episodes, 2002-2003)Emyr G. Graciano as. post-production assistant (unknown episodes) Series Music DepartmentJulie Glaze Houlihan as. music supervisor (151 episodes, 2000-2006)Charles Sydnor as. chief music editor / music editor / as (135 episodes, 2000-2006)Scott Francisco as. music editor (107 episodes, 2001-2006)They Might Be Giants as. theme by / composer: theme / as (41 episodes, 2000-2005)Angie Rubin as. music editor (11 episodes, 2000)John Flansburgh as. composer: theme music (10 episodes, 2002-2004)John Linnell as. composer: theme music (10 episodes, 2002-2004)Jeffrey Potokar as. apprentice music editor (uncredited / apprentice music editor (9 episodes, 2000)Didier Rachou as. composer: additional music (2 episodes, 2005-2006)Allison Heaps as. music coordinator (unknown episodes) Series Transportation DepartmentSteve Imbler as. transportation coordinator (55 episodes, 2000-2005)Chris Haynes as. driver (3 episodes, 2004-2005)Jack Jay Reece as. driver: car hauler (2 episodes, 2002-2003)Bobby Enriquez as. driver (unknown episodes)J. Armin Garza II as. driver: camera car (unknown episodes) Series Other crewRobert L. Dohan as. location manager (151 episodes, 2000-2006)Karen Romero as. production coordinator (150 episodes, 2000-2006)Diane Weiss as. script supervisor (129 episodes, 1999-2006)Grant Kaufman as. payroll accountant (110 episodes, 2001-2006)Matthew Thompson as. executive assistant / production assistant / as (88 episodes, 2002-2006)Brooks Bonstin as. assistant location manager (66 episodes, 2003-2006)Sue Lane as. production accountant (57 episodes, 2000-2005)Tom Whelan as. assistant production coordinator (52 episodes, 2000-2004)Bill Hooper as. writers production assistant / assistant to writers / as (44 episodes, 2000-2005)Wendy Wilkins as. assistant: Linwood Boomer / writers assistant (41 episodes, 2000-2001)Mark A. Soo Hoo as. first assistant accountant (40 episodes, 2004-2006)David Wright as. writers assistant / assistant to writers / as (38 episodes, 2000-2005)Brian LaBelle as. production assistant (37 episodes, 2000-2002)Jake Richter as. assistant to co-executive producers / writers production assistant / as (35 episodes, 2000-2002)Kent Buchanan as. production assistant (35 episodes, 2000-2001)Ian Busch as. staff writer / writers assistant / as (34 episodes, 2000-2002)Anna L. Coats as. key assistant location manager (28 episodes, 2003-2004)Jaime Abarca Jr. as. location security (25 episodes, 2000-2006)Janae Bakken as. writers assistant (24 episodes, 2000-2001)Maggie Bandur as. story editor / executive story editor (24 episodes, 2000-2001)Dan Kopelman as. story editor / executive story editor (24 episodes, 2000-2001)Pang-Ni Landrum as. story editor / executive story editor (24 episodes, 2000-2001)M. Everette Flynn as. intern to writer (22 episodes, 2004-2005)Linwood Boomer as. creative consultant (22 episodes, 2005-2006)Alan J. Higgins as. consultant (22 episodes, 2005-2006)Tezmon Williams as. executive assistant: Linwood Boomer (22 episodes, 2005-2006)Fred Tallaksen as. choreographer (17 episodes, 2000-2006)James John Cobb as. assistant: Todd Holland (17 episodes, 2000-2001)Christina Nelson Visosky as. assistant: L. Boomer (17 episodes, 2002-2005)Lisa Lenner as. writing intern (15 episodes, 2004-2005)Courtney Boches as. writing intern (13 episodes, 2005-2006)Roxanne Marciniak as. assistant: Bryan Cranston (13 episodes, 2005)Leslie Ruch as. production assistant (12 episodes, 2002-2003)Chad Drew as. assistant to executive producer / assistant to executive producers / as (10 episodes, 2002-2003)David Ihlenfeld as. production assistant: writers / production assistant to writer / as (10 episodes, 2003-2005)Roderic Kavanagh as. writers assistant (9 episodes, 2000)Chad Gervich as. assistant: Todd Holland / assistant to director / as (8 episodes, 2001-2002)Zach Ayers as. writing intern (7 episodes, 2000-2001)Alex Reid as. creative consultant (7 episodes, 2000)Dan Lagana as. production assistant (7 episodes, 2003-2005)Dana Lampi as. production assistant / assistant production coordinator / as (7 episodes, 2004-2005)Paul Ballon as. second assistant accountant (6 episodes, 2000)Jason Antebi as. writing intern (6 episodes, 2002)Joe Wagner as. writers production assistant (5 episodes, 2000)Jack E. Herman as. extras set coordinator (4 episodes, 2000)Andy Bobrow as. story editor / executive story editor (4 episodes, 2005)Rick Poyner as. assistant location manager (3 episodes, 2001)Ellen Villar as. production assistant (3 episodes, 2005)Mick Kelly as. writers assistant (2 episodes, 2000)Cristina Pansini as. assistant: L Boomer (2 episodes, 2002)James P. Warren as. animal trainer: cats (2 episodes, 2003-2004)Eric Green as. publicist (unknown episodes, 2003)Stephanie Levine as. production executive (unknown episodes, 2003)Barbara Bass as. studio teacher (unknown episodes)Taylor Boyd as. assistant location manager (unknown episodes)Candace Brokaw as. stand-in: Frankie Muniz (unknown episodes)Mark Brooks as. animal trainer: wild animals (unknown episodes)Marcus Dreeke as. production assistant (unknown episodes)Nicci Freeman as. production assistant (unknown episodes)Barrett Gregory as. production assistant (unknown episodes)Alex Gutenmakher as. production coordinator (unknown episodes)Huck Hackstedt as. production assistant (unknown episodes)Jean Hodges as. food stylist (unknown episodes)Andrew Horng as. writer's office intern (unknown episodes)Eva Jensen as. studio teacher (unknown episodes)Peter Madamba as. script researcher (unknown episodes)Mary McCusker as. acting coach (unknown episodes)Jeff 'Doc' Porter as. production medic (unknown episodes)Matthew Searer as. intern (unknown episodes)Kym Stys as. stand-in (unknown episodes)Maureen Sullivan as. production assistant (unknown episodes)Josh Swoveland as. production assistant (unknown episodes) Production CompaniesSatin City ProductionsRegency Television20th Century Fox Television (as Fox Television Studios)DistributorsFox Network (2000-2006) (USA) (TV) (original airing)20th Century Fox Television (2000-2006) (worldwide) (all media) (sales)20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (USA) (DVD)CanWest Global CommunicationsComedy Central (2009-2010) (Hungary) (TV)Comedy Central (2007) (Netherlands) (TV)Fox (????) 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Effects (digital visual effects)Other CompaniesAct One Script Clearance  script clearance and researchCentral Casting  extras castingChapman/Leonard Studio Equipment  cranes and dolliesDirect Tools & Fasteners  expendablesHollywood Caterers  cateringMovie Movers  cast trailersMovie Movers  hair and make-up trailersMovie Movers  school room trailerShowBiz Enterprises  draperies if (typeof afc_data == “undefined”) { afc_data = new Object(); } afc_data[“MIDDLE_CENTER”] = { channel: “test01-channel”, client: “ca-amazon-imdb_js”, title: “Sponsored Links”, help: “What's This?”, hints: “marriage,mother son relationship,character name in title,misunderstanding,brother brother relationship” }; Additional DetailsAlso Known As: See more » Runtime:30 min Country:USALanguage:EnglishColor:Color Aspect Ratio:1.78 : 1 See more »Sound Mix:Dolby Certification:USA:TV-14 (one episode) | Canada:G (Quebec) (DVD rating) | Canada:PG (DVD rating) | Australia:G (some episodes) | Netherlands:6 | Argentina:Atp | Brazil:Livre | Singapore:PG | USA:TV-PG | Australia:PG (some episodes)Filming Locations:20th Century Fox Studios – 10201 Pico Blvd., Century City, Los Angeles, California, USASee more »Company:Satin City ProductionsSee more »Did You Know? Trivia:Although the family's surname was revealed as Wilkerson in the pilot episode, it was decided afterwards that the family shouldn't have a last name. A running joke on set was that the family's last name was 'Nolastname'. This is officially confirmed in the final episode "Graduation" when Francis drops his work pass and his surname is briefly seen. Further confirmation can be seen when Malcolm is introduced to the stage for his speech. His last name is not heard as the microphone screeches at the crucial moment but you can read the announcer's lips clearly saying 'Malcolm Nolastname'.See more » Goofs:Crew or equipment visible: In the episode when Francis babysits, they clean the house. They realize it is now *too* clean and start blowing dirt out of a vacuum. As the camera backs up, the ceiling disappears, revealing the top of the set.See more » Quotes:Doctor:[after Dewey's stomach pump] He's fine. We didn't find any candles, but we did find some marbles. And the waistband to a pair of underpants. Dewey:Don't ask.See more » Movie Connections:Referenced in "Jeopardy!: Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational Quarterfinal 3 (#26.49)" (2009)See more » Soundtrack:SmileSee more »

Plot : A smart tender kid strives to continue to exist along furthermore his dimwitted, dysfunctional family.

Run Time : 30 min

Country : USA


Language : English

Filming Locations : 20th Century Fox Studios – 10201 Pico Blvd., Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA

Company : Satin City Productions

Trivia : Although the family's surname was opened because Wilkerson inside the take episode, it was determined later that the brand shouldn't taste a final name. A surging gag on collection was that the family's final bring up was 'Nolastname'. This is authoritatively tried inside the very last epoch "Graduation" as Francis dots his labor glide by furthermore his surname is briefly seen. Further evidence may troth realized as Malcolm is introduced to the the podium because his speech. His final bring up is not heard because the microphone screeches at the main episode nevertheless you may leaf through the announcer's lips it appears that phrasing 'Malcolm Nolastname'.

Goofs : Crew or fixtures visible: In the segment as Francis babysits, they crystalline the house. They understand it is at the present *too* crystalline with birth blowing filth out of a vacuum. As the camera backs up, the ceiling disappears, helpful the outdo of the set.

Tag Lines :

Plot Summary : An offbeat, chortle track-lacking sitcom close to a strangely dysfunctional family, the deep-seated of which is Malcolm, the center of the two brothers who likewise live at home. His eldest (and favorite) sibling, Francis, boards at armed forces order since his parents deem it will reform him as anyways as stock him out of trouble. Malcolm regularly has a firm span handling his division life, nonetheless he has numerous bothers to subsume while he starts obtaining really unusual support at order behind personality identified for an intellectually hiked up genius.

Malcolm inside the Middle follows a dysfunctional bracket inside an unknown location. The bracket is headed by super-stressed supermom Lois, furthermore difficult child-at-heart Hal. The eldest son, Francis, just only occasion a extreme youth, at present lives on a ranch in addition to his wife, Piama. Next inside row is dimwitted ne'r-do-well Reece. Second fledging emerging genius furthermore evil brain inside the creating Dewey, furthermore child Jamie, before now a troublemaker, is the youngest. Smack inside the heart is Malcolm, a moody endorsed genius who looks to troth the sole expect his bracket has. Since his revelation at the segment of eleven, Malcolm has been his own foulest adversary – although he'll inform you that his bracket is his foulest enemy.