Search for Love Lost (2011)Director : Joey Harlow

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy

Cast : , Ron Baratono as Hugo, Sylvia Brikho as Girl at billiards table, Kim Croes as Cindy, Jacob Godzak as Andre / The Count, Elise Halbert as Miranda, Craig Kucken as Bart, Jessica Nichole Lach as PINK, Jessica Nicole Lach as Pink, Patrick Lawrey as Art, Melissa Lograsso as Roller Skating waitress @ Eddie's Car Hop, Christina Lovett as Sherry, Don McIntyre as Dwane, Jessica McLarty as Tasha, Christi Perovski as Adrianna / Heather, Sara Singer as Candy, Jazmine Skye as Barmaid, Erik Sobczak as Erik / Strange Guy, Mandy Sturgeon as Amber, Kayla Wall as Trashy girl at bar

Plot : In a modifying 21st century whatsoever the humankind steadily looked on as myths plus legends are at the present proven truths… See more » |

Run Time : USA:60 min

Country : USA


Language : English

Filming Locations :

Company : Laguna Films

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Plot Summary : In a altering 21st century whatever the humankind steadily found myths in addition to legends are at the present proven truths. Vampires in addition to different mythical creatures at the present live amongst us. Is humankind truly all set because such a revelation. One vein in addition to egotistical little woman believes that she is.

In a varying 21st century whatever the humanity frequently counted myths along with legends are at present proven truths. Vampires along with abundant mythical creatures at present live amongst us. Is human race if essential be told prepared given that such a revelation. One ineffectual along with self-centered tender mature man believes that she is.