Son of Stars (2011)Director : Michelle Chen

Release Date :

Genre : Drama

Cast : (in credits order) , Jing Liang as Zheng Zheng , Jiandi Zhu as Xin Xin , Hong Jin as Wei Xin

Plot : ZhengZheng, a juvenile mum of an autistic child, travels the vast extent delight in northern China to DongGuan… See more » |

Run Time : China:90 min

Country : China


Language : Chinese

Filming Locations :

Company : Shanghai Seedling Film Corp.

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Plot Summary : ZhengZheng, a adolescent mama of an autistic child, travels the large length enjoys northern China to DongGuan, the homestead of tens of thousands of factories, seeking since her husband. With her special-needs little adolescent XinXin inside tow, she finds herself on my own inside the not bad city, and naught except her reasoning faculty in addition to inner force to lead her. When she understands her partner is nowhere to engagement found, she is obligated to acquire a factory job, gaining competently plenty to healing herself in addition to her modest boy, whom she men excess of to the heed of a quarter home. With tough work, ZhengZheng is promoted, moves into an apartment, in addition to also finds an extra love. Life is seeking up…but the relationship is not without chain attached, in addition to benevolence since an autistic youngster proves added in addition to added challenging. It looks the solitary mania looking on ZhengZheng back up enjoys contentment is her son. But topics are not until the total of time since they seem.