"Tales from the Crypt" (1989)Director :

Release Date :

Genre : Comedy, Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Cast : (Series Cast Summary – 1 of 22) , John Kassir as Crypt Keeper / as (93 episodes, 1989-1996) (more) Series Directed byRussell Mulcahy (4 episodes, 1991-1996)Elliot Silverstein (4 episodes, 1991-1994)Robert Zemeckis (3 episodes, 1989-1995)Richard Donner (3 episodes, 1989-1992)Tom Holland (3 episodes, 1989-1992)Walter Hill (3 episodes, 1989-1991)Stephen Hopkins (3 episodes, 1991-1994)Howard Deutch (2 episodes, 1989-1990)Kevin Yagher (2 episodes, 1990-1992)John Harrison (2 episodes, 1991-1994)Gilbert Adler (2 episodes, 1992-1993)Gary Fleder (2 episodes, 1992-1993)Rodman Flender (2 episodes, 1993-1995)William Malone (2 episodes, 1994-1996)Robin Bextor (2 episodes, 1996) Series Writing creditsScott Nimerfro (11 episodes, 1990-1996)Gilbert Adler (11 episodes, 1991-1996)A L Katz (11 episodes, 1991-1996)William M. Gaines (10 episodes, 1990-1995)Fred Dekker (5 episodes, 1989-1992)Larry Wilson (5 episodes, 1991-1996)Ron Finley (5 episodes, 1991-1994)Colman deKay (4 episodes, 1994-1996)Terry Black (3 episodes, 1989-1991)Walter Hill (3 episodes, 1989-1991)Mae Woods (3 episodes, 1990-1992)John Harrison (3 episodes, 1994-1996)Frank Darabont (2 episodes, 1990-1992)Randall Jahnson (2 episodes, 1990-1992)Doug Ronning (2 episodes, 1990-1991)Jeffrey Price (2 episodes, 1990)Peter S. Seaman (2 episodes, 1990)Donald Longtooth (2 episodes, 1992)Series Produced byRichard Donner as. executive producer / producer (93 episodes, 1989-1996)David Giler as. executive producer (93 episodes, 1989-1996)Walter Hill as. executive producer (93 episodes, 1989-1996)Joel Silver as. executive producer / producer (93 episodes, 1989-1996)Robert Zemeckis as. executive producer (93 episodes, 1989-1996)Gilbert Adler as. producer (69 episodes, 1991-1996)A L Katz as. co-producer (53 episodes, 1992-1996)Alexander B. Collett as. associate producer (28 episodes, 1990-1995)Jennie Lew Tugend as. co-producer (27 episodes, 1991-1992)Scott Nimerfro as. associate producer (27 episodes, 1993-1995)William Teitler as. producer (26 episodes, 1989-1992)Suzanne Todd as. associate producer (24 episodes, 1989-1992)Marcus Keys as. associate producer (23 episodes, 1991-1992)John G. Wiseman as. assistant producer (22 episodes, 1989-1990)Stephen Semel as. associate producer (18 episodes, 1990)Barry Josephson as. co-producer (15 episodes, 1991-1992)Robert Parigi as. associate producer (15 episodes, 1994-1995)Ed Rosen as. associate producer (15 episodes, 1994-1995)Connie Johnson as. associate producer (13 episodes, 1991)Karyn Fields as. associate producer (13 episodes, 1996)Richard Mirisch as. associate producer (13 episodes, 1996)Lisa Sandoval as. associate producer (13 episodes, 1996)Ed Tapia as. associate producer (13 episodes, 1996)Charles Skouras III as. co-producer (11 episodes, 1990)Fred Baron as. co-producer (7 episodes, 1990)Dennis Stuart Murphy as. associate producer (5 episodes, 1989)Ramon Sanchez as. consulting producer (unknown episodes) Series Original Music byJay Ferguson (14 episodes, 1989-1996)Nicholas Pike (10 episodes, 1989-1996)Alan Silvestri (7 episodes, 1989-1995)Frank Becker (5 episodes, 1993-1996)J. Peter Robinson (4 episodes, 1990-1996)Michael Kamen (4 episodes, 1992-1993)Walter Werzowa (3 episodes, 1992-1994)Jan Hammer (2 episodes, 1990)David Kitay (2 episodes, 1990)Michel Rubini (2 episodes, 1990)Jimmy Webb (2 episodes, 1991-1992)Vladimir Horunzhy (2 episodes, 1994-1996) Series Cinematography byRick Bota (23 episodes, 1991-1995)Levie Isaacks (16 episodes, 1991-1995)John R. Leonetti (12 episodes, 1989-1993)Robert Draper (7 episodes, 1990-1991)Christopher Faloona (7 episodes, 1994-1996)Robin Vidgeon (4 episodes, 1996)Tim Suhrstedt (3 episodes, 1990)Richard Bowen (2 episodes, 1989)Paul Elliott (2 episodes, 1990)Jack Wallner (2 episodes, 1990)Alan Hume (2 episodes, 1996) Series Film Editing byLou Angelo (17 episodes, 1991-1995)Stanley Wohlberg (16 episodes, 1991-1994)Anthony Adler (12 episodes, 1993-1996)Stephen Semel (8 episodes, 1989-1992)Jeremy Strachan (6 episodes, 1996)Andrew London (5 episodes, 1989-1990)Michael Robison (4 episodes, 1991-1992)Stephen Lovejoy (4 episodes, 1993)Pasquale Buba (3 episodes, 1990)Robert DeMaio (3 episodes, 1992)Carmel Davies (2 episodes, 1989-1990)Seth Flaum (2 episodes, 1989-1990)Dennis Virkler (2 episodes, 1990-1992)Troy Takaki (2 episodes, 1992-1993) Series Casting byVictoria Burrows (43 episodes, 1991-1996)Karen Rea (15 episodes, 1989-1992)Debbie McWilliams (8 episodes, 1996)Gail Levin (7 episodes, 1989-1992)Vicki Huff (7 episodes, 1991)Doreen Lane (6 episodes, 1991)Liane Dietz (6 episodes, 1994-1995)Jean Scoccimarro (6 episodes, 1994-1995)Lauren Lloyd (4 episodes, 1989)Sharon Bialy (3 episodes, 1990)Richard Pagano (3 episodes, 1990)Mindy Marin (3 episodes, 1994-1995)John Papsidera (3 episodes, 1994-1995)Beth Charkham (2 episodes, 1996)Melissa M. Thomas (unknown episodes) Series Production Design byGregory Melton (57 episodes, 1991-1996)Virginia L. Randolph (15 episodes, 1990-1992)Peter Mullins (9 episodes, 1996)Virginia Lee (6 episodes, 1989)Steven Wolff (5 episodes, 1990)Florence Kemper (4 episodes, 1989-1990) Series Art Direction byColin D. Irwin (23 episodes, 1993-1995)Phil Dagort (20 episodes, 1991-1992)Marc Fisichella (16 episodes, 1990-1992)David Minty (12 episodes, 1996)Bo Johnson (6 episodes, 1990)Jaymes Hinkle (5 episodes, 1989) Series Set Decoration byNatalie Pope (14 episodes, 1992-1995)Kate J. Sullivan (12 episodes, 1991)Simon Wakefield (12 episodes, 1996)Jan Pascale (11 episodes, 1993)Cheryal Kearney (8 episodes, 1990)Greg J. Grande (7 episodes, 1992)Lauri Gaffin (5 episodes, 1989)Sarah Burdick Stone (4 episodes, 1990-1992)Donald Elmblad (3 episodes, 1990)Rosemary Brandenburg (2 episodes, 1990)Casey Hallenbeck (2 episodes, 1990) Series Costume Design byWarden Neil (33 episodes, 1992-1995)Leann Nealz (17 episodes, 1990-1992)Nancy G. Fox (12 episodes, 1991)June Nevin (12 episodes, 1996)Florence Kemper (3 episodes, 1989-1990)Dan Moore (2 episodes, 1989-1990) Series Makeup DepartmentDonna-Lou Henderson as. makeup artist / hair stylist (42 episodes, 1991-1995)Justin B. Henderson as. key makeup artist (42 episodes, 1992-1995)Todd Masters as. special makeup designer (25 episodes, 1992-1995)Nanette Moore as. hair stylist / makeup artist (17 episodes, 1992-1993)Pamela Peitzman as. makeup artist (12 episodes, 1990-1992)Michael Spatola as. special makeup effects artist (12 episodes, 1991-1992)Daphne Lawson as. hair stylist / makeup artist (12 episodes, 1992-1995)Magdalen Gaffney as. makeup artist (12 episodes, 1996)Stephanie Kaye as. hair stylist (12 episodes, 1996)Steven Frank as. hair stylist (11 episodes, 1990-1992)Russel Todd Smith as. hair stylist (11 episodes, 1991)Carlos David Amador as. hair stylist / hair designer (10 episodes, 1989-1990)Dave Matherly as. special makeup effects artist (9 episodes, 1994-1995)Christa Reusch as. makeup artist (8 episodes, 1989-1990)Bernhard Eichholz as. special makeup effects artist (8 episodes, 1993-1995)Timothy Huizing as. special makeup effects artist (7 episodes, 1994-1995)James Rohland as. special makeup effects artist (6 episodes, 1994-1995)Josh Patton as. special makeup effects artist (5 episodes, 1993-1994)Scott Wheeler as. special makeup effects artist (5 episodes, 1993)Greg Cannom as. special effects makeup creator / special makeup artist (4 episodes, 1989-1990)Scott Coulter as. special makeup effects artist (4 episodes, 1993-1995)Scott Patton as. special makeup effects artist (4 episodes, 1993-1995)Stephan Dupuis as. special effect makeup / special makeup effects artist (2 episodes, 1990)Alec Gillis as. special makeup effects artist (2 episodes, 1990)Tom Woodruff Jr. as. special makeup effects artist (2 episodes, 1990)Dave Snyder as. special makeup effects artist (2 episodes, 1993)Scott Tebeau as. special makeup effects artist (2 episodes, 1993)Thomas Floutz as. special makeup effects artist (2 episodes, 1994)Timothy Lasquade as. hair stylist / makeup artist (2 episodes, 1994)Richard Duell as. special makeup designer (unknown episodes)Michael Key as. special makeup supervisor (unknown episodes)David B. Miller as. special makeup effects artist (unknown episodes)Steven R. Soussanna as. hair department head (unknown episodes) Series Production ManagementF.A. Miller as. production manager (43 episodes, 1991-1995)Michael Thau as. post-production supervisor (18 episodes, 1990-1992)Ziad Seirafi as. post-production supervisor (18 episodes, 1992-1993)Jacqueline George as. executive in charge of production (17 episodes, 1992-1993)Robert Parigi as. post-production supervisor (14 episodes, 1991-1992)Anthony Adler as. post-production supervisor (13 episodes, 1991-1996)Charles Skouras III as. unit production manager (11 episodes, 1990)Peter Worth as. post-production supervisor (11 episodes, 1994-1995)Dominic Fulford as. production supervisor (11 episodes, 1996)William Teitler as. production manager (9 episodes, 1990-1992)Troy Takaki as. post-production supervisor (8 episodes, 1991-1993)Dennis Stuart Murphy as. unit production manager (5 episodes, 1989)Meri Weingarten as. post-production supervisor (4 episodes, 1990)Stephen Semel as. post-production supervisor (2 episodes, 1992) Series Second Unit Director or Assistant DirectorLeigh Webb as. first assistant director (22 episodes, 1991-1995)Bruce Carter as. second assistant director (18 episodes, 1990-1992)Patricia Dyer Walden as. second assistant director (18 episodes, 1992-1993)Garry A. Brown as. first assistant director (14 episodes, 1992-1995)Kristi 'Kat' Tyminski as. second assistant director (12 episodes, 1991)K.C. Colwell as. first assistant director (11 episodes, 1990)Paul Morris as. second assistant director (10 episodes, 1996)Patrick A. Duffy as. first assistant director (7 episodes, 1991)Carole Keligian as. second assistant director (7 episodes, 1994-1995)David C. Anderson as. first assistant director (6 episodes, 1996)John R. Woodward as. first assistant director (5 episodes, 1990-1992)Jodi Ehrlich as. second assistant director (5 episodes, 1993)Nancy Henkle Green as. second assistant director (5 episodes, 1994-1995)Barry Langley as. first assistant director (5 episodes, 1996)Robin R. Oliver as. first assistant director / second assistant director (3 episodes, 1989-1990)Cara Giallanza as. second assistant director (2 episodes, 1989-1990)Robert D. Nellans as. second assistant director (2 episodes, 1989-1990)Michael Green as. first assistant director (2 episodes, 1989)Janet Levine as. second assistant director (2 episodes, 1989)Betsy Magruder as. first assistant director (2 episodes, 1990)Steve Robinson as. second assistant director (2 episodes, 1996)Karen Gaviola as. assistant director (unknown episodes)Marios Hamboulides as. trainee assistant director (unknown episodes)Steve Picerni as. second unit director (unknown episodes)Mic Rodgers as. second unit director (unknown episodes) Series Art DepartmentManuel Baca as. assistant property master / set dresser (55 episodes, 1991-1995)Joe Del Monte as. construction foreman (41 episodes, 1991-1993)Thomas A. O'Conor as. construction crew (32 episodes, 1990-1991)Steven B. Melton as. property master (30 episodes, 1992-1995)Douglas Womack as. construction coordinator (29 episodes, 1991-1995)Michael Kauffman as. on-set dresser (27 episodes, 1992-1993)William J. Blanchard as. set designer (25 episodes, 1992-1995)Christopher Harwood as. set dresser (18 episodes, 1990)Dean Coldham as. plasterer (15 episodes, 1994-1995)Bobby Thomas as. leadman (15 episodes, 1994-1995)Stuart Rankine as. assistant property master (14 episodes, 1992)Grahame Ménage as. scenic artist (13 episodes, 1989-1994)Christopher Amy as. property master (12 episodes, 1991)John Allenby as. property master (12 episodes, 1996)John Godfrey as. construction coordinator (12 episodes, 1996)Lars Petersen as. construction coordinator (11 episodes, 1989-1992)Philip Steuer as. property master (10 episodes, 1989-1990)Bill Zullo as. property master (10 episodes, 1990-1992)Douglas W. Randall as. carpenter (8 episodes, 1990-1991)George Denes Suhayda as. set designer (7 episodes, 1994-1995)Bryan Corbett as. construction foreman (6 episodes, 1989)Jim C. Johnson as. leadman (6 episodes, 1989)Scott Plauche as. set designer (6 episodes, 1991)James Scott Mackie as. set designer (5 episodes, 1991)Michael W. Devine as. set designer (4 episodes, 1993)Caroline Quinn-Decker as. set designer (4 episodes, 1994-1995)Philip Stone as. construction coordinator (3 episodes, 1990)Clayton Hartley as. set designer (2 episodes, 1990)Mike Brooks as. propmaker gangboss (unknown episodes)Liz Chiz as. on-set dresser (unknown episodes)Louise Del Araujo as. lead (unknown episodes)Richard Bryan Douglas as. carpenter (unknown episodes)Dragon Dronet as. props (unknown episodes)Glenn Forbes as. assistant property master (unknown episodes)Robyn Jacobs as. sculptor: opening sequence / set decorator: 'crypt keeper' sequences (unknown episodes)Richard Ory as. production artist (unknown episodes)Joel Ross as. lead man (unknown episodes)Steven C. Voll as. propmaker (unknown episodes)Amy Vuckovich as. scenic artist (unknown episodes) Series Sound DepartmentPatrick Giraudi as. sound re-recording mixer (31 episodes, 1993-1996)Sean Garnhart as. sound re-recording mixer / sound designer / as (28 episodes, 1993-1995)Steve Nelson as. sound mixer (23 episodes, 1990-1992)Patrick M. Griffith as. supervising sound editor (22 episodes, 1991-1992)Richard Corwin as. dialogue editor / sound editor (14 episodes, 1991-1992)Gerry Lentz as. sound re-recording mixer (14 episodes, 1991-1992)Scott Wolf as. sound supervisor / sound editor / as (14 episodes, 1992-1995)Frederick Howard as. sound supervisor / sound effects editor (14 episodes, 1994-1996)David Torres as. foley mixer (13 episodes, 1993)J. Stanley Johnston as. sound re-recording mixer (12 episodes, 1991)Mark Fay as. sound utility (12 episodes, 1992)Colin Charles as. sound mixer (12 episodes, 1996)Danielle Ghent as. adr supervisor (12 episodes, 1996)Howard Wilmarth as. sound re-recording mixer (11 episodes, 1990)John Ross as. sound re-recording mixer (11 episodes, 1993-1996)John S. Coffey as. sound mixer (11 episodes, 1993-1995)Daniel S. Irwin as. adr supervisor (11 episodes, 1994-1995)Larry Stensvold as. sound re-recording mixer (10 episodes, 1990)Joseph Geisinger as. sound mixer (10 episodes, 1991)Christopher B. Reeves as. dialogue editor / adr editor (10 episodes, 1992)Scott A. Jennings as. sound re-recording mixer / sound supervisor (10 episodes, 1993)Debbie Melford as. dialogue supervising editor / adr editor (10 episodes, 1993)Jason Schmid as. sound re-recording mixer (10 episodes, 1996)Tom Hartig as. boom operator (9 episodes, 1990)Jay B. Richardson as. sound editor (9 episodes, 1990)Craig Woods as. boom operator (9 episodes, 1991)Mark P. Stoeckinger as. supervising sound editor (8 episodes, 1990)Jace Smith as. foley artist (8 episodes, 1992)James Thornton as. sound mixer (7 episodes, 1989-1990)Brydon Baker III as. sound mixer (7 episodes, 1994-1995)Michael D. Wilhoit as. supervising sound editor / sound editor (6 episodes, 1990-1992)Michael Minkler as. sound re-recording mixer (5 episodes, 1989-1990)Vince Garcia as. sound mixer (5 episodes, 1993)Gregg Landaker as. sound re-recording mixer (4 episodes, 1989)Peter Halbert as. boom operator (4 episodes, 1990)Courtenay Taylor as. adr coordinator (4 episodes, 1993)Eric Uquillas as. adr coordinator (4 episodes, 1993)Kevin O'Connell as. sound re-recording mixer (3 episodes, 1989-1990)Craig Clark as. sound editor (3 episodes, 1989)Mike Dobie as. sound editor (3 episodes, 1989)Stephen Hunter Flick as. supervising sound editor (3 episodes, 1989)Charles S. Payne as. boom operator (2 episodes, 1989-1990)Edward M. Steidele as. foley artist (2 episodes, 1989-1990)David Brownlow as. sound mixer (2 episodes, 1989)John Dunn as. sound editor (2 episodes, 1989)Rob Scott as. boom operator (2 episodes, 1989)Tom Bellfort as. supervising sound editor (2 episodes, 1990)Richard Portman as. sound re-recording mixer (2 episodes, 1990)Ken Beauchene as. boom operator (2 episodes, 1991)Mark Bovos as. sound mixer (2 episodes, 1991)Rick Alexander as. sound re-recording mixer (unknown episodes)Tim Boggs as. sound editor (unknown episodes)William C. Carruth as. supervising sound editor (unknown episodes)Derek Casari as. dubbing engineer (unknown episodes)John Chalfant as. sound effects editor / sound re-recording mixer (unknown episodes)Marty Church as. adr mixer (unknown episodes)Les Fresholtz as. sound re-recording mixer (unknown episodes)Larry Goodwin as. foley mixer (unknown episodes)Gregory Hainer as. sound designer (unknown episodes)Jason King as. sound effects editor (unknown episodes)Doug Madick as. foley artist (unknown episodes)Derek Marcil as. adr mixer (unknown episodes)Phillip W. Palmer as. sound utility (unknown episodes)Vern Poore as. sound re-recording mixer (unknown episodes)Lisa M. Risen as. assistant sound editor (unknown episodes)Steve Scoville as. dialogue editor (unknown episodes)Cathie Speakman as. sound editor (unknown episodes)Robert Ulrich as. sound editor (unknown episodes)Kelly Vandever as. sound re-recording mixer (unknown episodes)Marc Vanocur as. sound editor (unknown episodes) Series Special Effects byThomas L. Bellissimo as. special effects coordinator / special effects (25 episodes, 1991-1995)Dean W. Miller as. special effects (14 episodes, 1992)Scott Wolf as. special effects (7 episodes, 1992)Ron Nary as. special effects (5 episodes, 1990)Joseph P. Mercurio as. special effects coordinator (4 episodes, 1989)Lenny Dalrymple as. special effects technician (4 episodes, 1991)Terry Erickson as. special effects crew (3 episodes, 1990)Ken Tarallo as. special effects assistant (2 episodes, 1989)Richard Albain as. special effects (2 episodes, 1990)Al Di Sarro as. special effects (2 episodes, 1990)Don Powers as. special effects (2 episodes, 1990)Yarek Alfer as. miniatures crew (unknown episodes)Joel P. Blanchard as. special effects technician (unknown episodes)Tod Ryan as. lab technician (unknown episodes)Ramon Sanchez as. special effects (unknown episodes) Series Visual Effects byAdam Howard as. digital compositor (2 episodes, 1993-1995)Evan Jacobs as. miniatures: title sequence (unknown episodes)Ziad Seirafi as. visual effects producer (unknown episodes) Series StuntsBill Weston as. stunt coordinator (12 episodes, 1996)Charlie Picerni as. stunt coordinator / stunts (5 episodes, 1990-1992)Shane Dixon as. stunts (4 episodes, 1994-1995)Steve Picerni as. stunt coordinator / stunts (3 episodes, 1990)Spiro Razatos as. stunts (2 episodes, 1989-1990)Don McGovern as. stunts (2 episodes, 1989)Kenny Bates as. stunt double: Robert Downey Jr. / stunts (2 episodes, 1990)Michael Cassidy as. stunts / stunt coordinator (2 episodes, 1990)Kerrie Cullen as. stunts (2 episodes, 1990)Victor Paul as. stunt coordinator / stunts (2 episodes, 1990)Chuck Picerni Jr. as. stunt double: Robert Downey Jr. / stunts (2 episodes, 1990)Rick Avery as. stunts (unknown episodes)Gregory J. Barnett as. stunt coordinator (unknown episodes)Charlie Brewer as. stunt double (unknown episodes)Ronald Jaynes as. stunt performer (unknown episodes)Lane Leavitt as. stunts (unknown episodes)Ray Nicholas as. stunt double (unknown episodes)Jimmy N. Roberts as. stunts (unknown episodes)Pat Romano as. stunts (unknown episodes)Paul E. Short as. stunts (unknown episodes) Series Camera and Electrical DepartmentLee Schmicker as. electrician (27 episodes, 1992-1993)Rafael E. Sánchez as. key grip (26 episodes, 1992-1995)Michael Paris as. still photographer (18 episodes, 1990-1991)Erin Franklyn as. assistant camera (18 episodes, 1990)David Parker as. grip (18 episodes, 1990)Andy Graham as. first assistant camera (18 episodes, 1991-1993)Pascal M. Guillemard as. best boy electric (16 episodes, 1989-1991)Stephen J. Ullman as. first assistant camera (16 episodes, 1990-1993)Christopher Faloona as. gaffer (14 episodes, 1992-1993)Shane D. Kelly as. gaffer (12 episodes, 1990)Tim McGinnis as. gaffer (12 episodes, 1991)George Palmer as. key grip (12 episodes, 1991)Alan Martin as. gaffer (12 episodes, 1996)Malcolm Smith as. key grip (12 episodes, 1996)Ziad Doueiri as. first assistant camera (11 episodes, 1994-1995)Anthony Gaudioz as. camera operator (11 episodes, 1996)Mark Combs as. key grip / key rigging consultant (10 episodes, 1990-1992)Antar Abderrahman Jr. as. gaffer (10 episodes, 1994-1995)Sam Emerson as. still photographer (8 episodes, 1989-1990)Craig Horwitz as. lamp operator (6 episodes, 1989)Jesse Mather as. best boy electric (6 episodes, 1990)Rob J. Greenlea as. key grip (6 episodes, 1994-1995)Paul D. Fischer as. key grip / best boy grip (5 episodes, 1990)Kelly Clear as. gaffer (5 episodes, 1993)Rick Tucker as. key rigging consultant (4 episodes, 1990)Patric J. Abaravich as. electrician (3 episodes, 1989)Scott Guthrie as. gaffer / gaffer: Crypt Keeper sequences (3 episodes, 1989)Douglas E. Beal as. first assistant camera (3 episodes, 1990)Rex Nicholson as. first assistant camera (3 episodes, 1990)Randall Ott as. grip electric / grip/electric swing (3 episodes, 1990)John Allen as. first assistant camera (2 episodes, 1989)Gary Dagg as. key grip (2 episodes, 1989)Mitch Dubin as. camera operator (2 episodes, 1989)Kevin Williams as. gaffer (2 episodes, 1989)Bob Field as. gaffer / lighting consultant (2 episodes, 1990)Gary R. Wostak as. lighting consultant (2 episodes, 1990)Steve Adcock as. first assistant camera (unknown episodes)Loren Corl as. key grip (unknown episodes)Brian Dzyak as. additional camera loader (unknown episodes)Lisa Guerriero as. assistant camera (unknown episodes)Dan Kneece as. Steadicam operator (unknown episodes)Jon Kranhouse as. crypt keeper sequences director of photography (unknown episodes)Eric H. Lasher as. still photographer (unknown episodes)Chris Lombardi as. first assistant camera (unknown episodes)Darin Miller as. film loader (unknown episodes)Gary Molyneux as. dolly grip: "b" camera (unknown episodes)Rick Tiedeman as. Steadicam operator (unknown episodes)Larry Watson as. still photographer (unknown episodes) Series Animation DepartmentGertrude Binder as. color stylist (1 episode, 1996)Adriana Cerrotti as. animator (1 episode, 1996)Michael Doraty as. background artist (1 episode, 1996)Bill Kopp as. animation director / character designer (1 episode, 1996)Damon Lee as. key clean-up artist (1 episode, 1996)Patrick A. Ventura as. animation director / character designer (1 episode, 1996) Series Casting DepartmentLisa S. Beasley as. extras casting (7 episodes, 1994-1995)Doreen Lane as. casting assistant (5 episodes, 1990)Debbie McWilliams as. casting: London (2 episodes, 1996)Sherry Sims as. casting assistant (unknown episodes) Series Costume and Wardrobe DepartmentLinda Benevente-Notaro as. specialty costume designer: Cannom creations (1 episode, 1990)La Wanna May as. seamstress (1 episode, 1991)Randall Thropp as. wardrobe supervisor (unknown episodes, 1992-1994)Tricia Gray as. costumer (unknown episodes) Series Editorial DepartmentAnthony Adler as. assistant editor (28 episodes, 1991-1993)Troy Takaki as. assistant editor (21 episodes, 1991-1993)Vartan Nazarian as. apprentice editor (16 episodes, 1990-1995)Anthony A. Lewis as. assistant editor (12 episodes, 1996)Gary Burritt as. negative cutter (11 episodes, 1989-1990)Evan Fisher as. assistant editor (10 episodes, 1993)Glen Ebesu as. assistant editor (10 episodes, 1994-1995)Jonathan Posell as. assistant editor (10 episodes, 1994-1995)John Nuth as. assistant editor (10 episodes, 1996)Carolina Beroza as. assistant editor (5 episodes, 1990)Laura Lee Bong as. assistant editor (3 episodes, 1990-1992)Kathy Tanney as. assistant editor (3 episodes, 1990-1992)Robin Rosenthal as. assistant editor (3 episodes, 1990)Folmer Wiesinger as. assistant editor (3 episodes, 1990)John Potter as. colorist (2 episodes, 1991)Darrin Navarro as. assistant editor (2 episodes, 1992)John Roth as. assistant editor (2 episodes, 1996)Julia Gray as. assistant film editor (unknown episodes)William J. Meshover as. assistant editor (unknown episodes)Lewis Schoenbrun as. assistant editor (unknown episodes)Paul M. Wagner as. assistant editor (unknown episodes) Series Music DepartmentDanny Elfman as. composer: theme music (93 episodes, 1989-1996)James Burt as. music editor (42 episodes, 1992-1995)Bunny Andrews as. music editor (16 episodes, 1990)David Chackler as. music supervisor (2 episodes, 1989-1990)Thomas A. Carlson as. music editor (2 episodes, 1989)Andrew R. Powell as. orchestrator (2 episodes, 1990)Tim Boyle as. score mixer (unknown episodes)Steven Scott Smalley as. orchestrator (unknown episodes)Jacqueline Tager as. music editor (unknown episodes) Series Transportation DepartmentDan Henley as. transportation coordinator (92 episodes, 1989-1996)Jason Belsky as. transportation coordinator (6 episodes, 1989)Chris Haynes as. driver / production driver (2 episodes, 1991-1995) Series Other crewDorothy Sidwell as. production coordinator (43 episodes, 1991-1995)Jean Henley as. location manager (42 episodes, 1991-1995)Jerel Katz as. medical consultant (41 episodes, 1991-1996)Mark Marshall as. assistant: Richard Donner / assistant: Jennie Lew Tugend (38 episodes, 1989-1992)Mary Montiforte as. production accountant (29 episodes, 1992-1995)Dan Cracchiolo as. assistant: Joel Silver / production associate (28 episodes, 1992-1995)Matt Beckner as. set production assistant (28 episodes, 1994-1996)Jennifer Todd as. assistant: Joel Silver (24 episodes, 1989-1992)J. Mills Goodloe as. assistant: Richard Donner (23 episodes, 1993-1995)Robert Labrecque as. production accountant (20 episodes, 1990-1992)Trudy Bush as. script coordinator (19 episodes, 1992-1993)Hank Johnson as. assistant coordinator (19 episodes, 1992-1993)Alexander B. Collett as. assistant: Richard Donner (18 episodes, 1989-1993)Anna C. Miller as. development assistant / assistant production coordinator (18 episodes, 1989-1990)Simone Good as. assistant production coordinator (18 episodes, 1990-1992)Rami Rivera Frankl as. production assistant (18 episodes, 1990)Michael Greenwood as. key set production assistant / production assistant (17 episodes, 1989-1990)Connie Johnson as. assistant to producer / assistant: William Teitler (17 episodes, 1990)Tim Goldberg as. location manager (16 episodes, 1990)Paula Barrett-Barbier as. script supervisor (16 episodes, 1991-1993)Alexandra Booke as. development executive (15 episodes, 1990)Barbara Casner as. assistant production coordinator (15 episodes, 1994-1995)Brook Altman as. production coordinator (14 episodes, 1989-1992)Mamie Mitchell as. script supervisor (14 episodes, 1990-1992)Mary-Margaret Smith as. assistant: Walter Hill (13 episodes, 1989-1992)Christa Vausbinder as. production coordinator (12 episodes, 1990-1992)Kathy Barnett as. assistant: Joel Silver (12 episodes, 1991)Kevin J. Donnelly as. assistant production coordinator (12 episodes, 1991)Rochelle Shaposhnick as. script coordinator (12 episodes, 1991)John Simon as. set runner (12 episodes, 1991)Louise Weber as. assistant: Barry Josephson (12 episodes, 1991)Lisa Sandoval as. script coordinator (12 episodes, 1994-1995)Ed Tapia as. assistant: Gilbert Adler and A L Katz / assistant: Gilber Adler and A.L. Katz (12 episodes, 1994-1995)Mary Wright as. script supervisor (12 episodes, 1994-1995)Samantha Black as. production secretary (12 episodes, 1996)Neil Chaplin as. production accountant (12 episodes, 1996)Lorraine Fennell as. production coordinator (12 episodes, 1996)Scott Nimerfro as. story editor (12 episodes, 1996)June Randall as. script supervisor (12 episodes, 1996)Melanie Morris as. assistant: Joel Silver (11 episodes, 1993)Toni Osborne as. assistant: Gilbert Adler (11 episodes, 1993)Michael J. Zampino as. assistant: Jacqueline George (11 episodes, 1993)Amy Quinn as. assistant: Joel Silver (11 episodes, 1994-1995)Jennifer Gwartz as. production associate (9 episodes, 1994-1995)Richard Sharkey as. location manager (9 episodes, 1996)William M. Gaines as. comic magazine publisher: "Tales from the Crypt" / comic magazine publisher: "The Vault of Horror" / as (8 episodes, 1989-1996)Debbie Wacker as. assistant: Joel Silver (8 episodes, 1991)Brenda Weisman as. script supervisor (8 episodes, 1991)Deborah Cahn as. assistant: Robert Zemeckis (8 episodes, 1992)Diana Pappajohn as. assistant: Jacqueline George / assistant to inspection group (8 episodes, 1992)Bob Weber as. first assistant accountant (7 episodes, 1990)A L Katz as. story editor (7 episodes, 1991)Michael Haddad as. assistant craft service (7 episodes, 1993-1995)J.A. Steel as. story intern (6 episodes, 1991)Patty Maloney as. puppeteer: Crypt Keeper / crypt keeper puppeteer (5 episodes, 1989-1993)N. 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Kelley as. design graphics (2 episodes, 1993-1994)Gilbert Adler as. crypt keeper sequences director (unknown episodes)Pamela Alessandrelli as. assistant to producer (unknown episodes)Rick Bota as. director: crypt keeper sequences (unknown episodes)Nan Garcia-Wood as. set medic (unknown episodes)Mecki Heussen as. crypt keeper puppeteer (unknown episodes)Steven E. Housewright as. location scout (unknown episodes)Derek Hurd as. key craft service (unknown episodes)Luca Kouimelis as. script supervisor (unknown episodes)Liz Matthews as. assistant location manager (unknown episodes)Eve McCornick as. assistant production accountant (unknown episodes)Page Ostrow as. coach: Marilyn Hassett (unknown episodes)Jason Roberts as. assistant: Richard Donner (unknown episodes)Mary Anne Seward as. script supervisor: crypt keeper sequences (unknown episodes)Shaun Smith as. puppeteer: Crypt Keeper (unknown episodes)Ladd Vance as. assistant: Joel Silver (unknown episodes)Mike Vosburg as. cover art: comic book (unknown episodes) Series ThanksJackson De Govia as. special thanks: Crypt Keeper sequences (1 episode, 1989) Production CompaniesHome Box Office (HBO)Tales From The Crypt HoldingsDistributorsHome Box Office (HBO) (1989-1996) (USA) (TV) (original airing)Home Box Office Home Video (HBO) (2005-) (USA) (DVD)20th Century Fox TelevisionCuatro (2006) (Spain) (TV)RTL2 Fernsehen (1995) (Germany) (TV)Sat.1 (1995-1997) (Germany) (TV)SubTV (2006) (Finland) (TV)Warner Home Video (2005) (USA) (DVD) (complete first season)Warner Home Video (2005) (USA) (DVD) (complete second season)Warner Home Video (2005-2007) (USA) (DVD)Warner Home Video (2006) (USA) (DVD) (complete fourth season)Warner Home Video (2006) (USA) (DVD) (complete third season)Special EffectsBellissimo/Belardinelli EffectsBoss Film Studios (opening sequence)Kevin Yagher Productions (crypt keeper designed by)Reel EfxTodd Masters Company (special make-up effects)Other CompaniesCast of Thousands  extras castingDigital Sound and Picture  re-recording facilitiesLaserPacific  electronic laboratoryLaserPacific  film-to-tape transferLaserPacific  titles and opticalsLeonetti Company  production equipmentPalmbrokers  greenery (uncredited)Paula Silver Ltd.  opening title designPrime Casting  extras castingThe Sound Guys Inc.  sound recording if (typeof afc_data == “undefined”) { afc_data = new Object(); } afc_data[“MIDDLE_CENTER”] = { channel: “test01-channel”, client: “ca-amazon-imdb_js”, title: “Sponsored Links”, help: “What's This?”, hints: “introduction,goth,supernatural,death,scheme” }; Additional DetailsAlso Known As: See more » Runtime:USA:25 min (92 episodes) (40 min (1 episode))Country:USALanguage:EnglishColor:Color Aspect Ratio:1.33 : 1 See more »Sound Mix:Dolby Certification:Finland:K-18 (2005) (DVD) (self applied) | Iceland:16 | UK:12 (one episode) | UK:15 (some episodes) | UK:18 (some episodes) | Germany:18 | Chile:18 | Australia:MA | Australia:M (some episodes) | Argentina:16 Filming Locations:Big Sky Ranch – 4927 Bennett Road, Simi Valley, California, USASee more »Company:Home Box Office (HBO)See more »Did You Know? Trivia:At William Gaines request, director Robert Zemeckis coaxed a bloodcurdling scream from Mary Ellen Trainor in the closing scene of "And All Through the House."See more » Quotes:Crypt Keeper:Heads, I win. Tails, you *ooze*!See more » Movie Connections:Spin off Ritual (2002)See more »

Plot : Tales of panic commensurate with the gloriously hideous EC panic comics of the 1950's.

Run Time : USA:25 min (92 episodes) (40 min (1 episode))

Country : USA


Language : English

Filming Locations : Big Sky Ranch – 4927 Bennett Road, Simi Valley, California, USA

Company : Home Box Office (HBO)

Trivia : At William Gaines request, director Robert Zemeckis coaxed a bloodcurdling cry delight in Mary Ellen Trainor inside the winding up picture of "And All Through the House."

Goofs :

Tag Lines :

Plot Summary : Half-hour stories in addition to voluminous themes, including; horror, twists, black-magic, sci.-fi. …. Introduced by a puppet talked to "The Crypt Keeper". A cross-breed between the "Twilight Zone" also current panic movies. Not best because the exceedingly immature or squeamish.