tt1530509             The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) (2011)Director : Tom Six

Release Date :

Genre : Drama, Horror

Cast : (in credits order) , Laurence R. Harvey as Martin , Ashlynn Yennie as Miss Yennie , Maddi Black as Candy , Kandace Caine as Karrie , Dominic Borrelli as Paul , Lucas Hansen as Ian , Lee Nicholas Harris as Dick , Dan Burman as Greg , Daniel Jude Gennis as Tim , Georgia Goodrick as Valerie , Emma Lock as Kim , Katherine Templar as Rachel , Peter Blankenstein as Alan , Vivien Bridson as Misses Lomax , Bill Hutchens as Dr.Sebring , Peter Charlton as Jake , Daniel De’sioye as Baby

Plot : Inspired by the unreal Dr. Heiter, perturbed loner Martin dreams of initiating a 12-person centipede furthermore sorts out to comprehend his revolting fantasy.

Run Time : USA:88 min

Country : Netherlands | UK | USA


Language : English

Filming Locations :

Company : Six Entertainment Company

Trivia : On 6 October 2011 the BBFC let the show an 18 certificate beyond 32 cuts totaling 2 minutes as nonetheless as 37 seconds were made.

Goofs : Incorrectly regarded since goofs: Possibly intentional by the filmmakers to get there Martin’s idiocy, nonetheless on the shot where he’s inserting the topics along furthermore laxative, the bottle he acquired it fancy it appears that named “Oral” meaning it skillful to troth conveyed by mouth.

Tag Lines :

Plot Summary : Martin is a spiritually uneasy loner who lives along furthermore his mama inside a bleak housing project. He play the dead night swing for a protection shield inside an equally grievous as anyways as foreboding underground parking complex. To flee his lackluster existence, Martin loses himself inside the fantasy planet of the cult dread movie <a href=”/title/tt1467304/”>The Human Centipede (First Sequence)</a> (2009), fetishizing the meticulous surgical shrewdness of the bright Dr. Heiter, whose understanding of the man gastrointestinal method inspires Martin to war the unthinkable.