The Orphan Killer (2011)Director : Matt Farnsworth

Release Date :

Genre : Horror

Cast : (in credits order) , Diane Foster as Audrey , David Backus as The Orphan Killer , Matt Farnsworth as Mike , James McCaffrey as Detective Jones , John Savage as Detective Walker , Karen Young as Sister Mary , Charlotte Maier as Sister Constance , Spencer List as Young Marcus , Dana DeVestern as Young Audrey , Margot White as Jenny Miller , Mike Doyle as Marcus Miller Sr. , Ivan Martin as Jim , Karen Olivo as Angie , Matthew Arkin as Bob , Ezra Knight as Simon , Allison Salvetti as Ghost Orphan , Jon David Casey as Jerry , Brian Delate as John , Ramon Villa as Janitor , Hector Lincoln as Intruder #1 , Celina Vignaud as Little Girl , Michael Ray Escamilla as Hector , Kenya Brome as Reporter , Lucian Maisel as Boy , Ian Colletti as Little Boy , Walter Masterson as Teenage Marcus , Federico Castelluccio as Dr. Morris rest of cast listed alphabetically: , Maria Diaz as Nun, Michaela M Hill as Older Girl, Kelsey Kaplan as Nun, Andria Lopez as Nun, Carrie Needham as Mike's mother, Drew Needham as Policeman, Josh Pesin as Police Officer, William Wayne as Marcus's Orderly , Matthew Gooley as Orderly (uncredited)

Plot : The Orphan Killer is a voyage de oomph murder whirl that defies classification. It runs far away afar from current… See more » |

Run Time :

Country : USA


Language : English

Filming Locations :

Company : Full Fathom 5

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Goofs : Continuity: The damsel frees herself delight in the barbed wire furthermore damages her wrists badly. After this however, her wrists are known without any wounds or merely and assorted blood on them.

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Plot Summary : The Orphan Killer is a trip de energy murder turn that defies classification. It functions distant away from voltage trends inside gore in addition to breaks open another despondent pigeonhole of horror. Marcus Miller is an reprobate sitcom murderer hellbent on preaching his estranged cousin Audrey whatsoever it channel to pass through department loyalty. His instruction are taught inside swell cures of suggestive in addition to insufferable pain. Throughout her fierce torture we find out that Marcus is not the sole Miller and Killer inside the bloodline since Audrey proves to troth a overwhelming adversary.